Money - how to make it and more

Money makes the world go round. As much as we’d maybe rather it not be the case, we need money to function in the modern world (unless you live in a society dependent on bartering). There are innumerable ways to make it – so take your slice of the pie.

Here you’ll find my latest posts on money – how to make it, where to invest it and more.

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart”

Jonathan Swift

Money posts
  • Giving something back

    Giving something back

    Nothing makes me happier than giving something back. That’s why I volunteer on a local level and run this blog amongst other things. Giving is good for the soul. As part of my research for various articles and blog posts, I come across interesting tidbits throughout the internet. In exchange for you taking the time […]
  • Making money – 5 easy ways to top up your income

    Making money – 5 easy ways to top up your income

    Do you ever glance enviously at those people who seem to have life figured out? They have a work life balance and making money seems to come easily to them. What is their secret? They probably have more than one income stream. Today, it’s easier than ever for anyone to develop ways of making money […]
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