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Digital St George's Day 2020

Digital St George’s Day 2020

St George’s Day is coming in April. Now I know people don’t often make a big fuss, but this is England’s day – I usually get out to a local event or do something with family.
Of course, this year is going to be very different due to the enforced lockdown caused by COVID-19. This is why I’m promoting something called Digital St George’s Day 2020.

With pubs, restaurants, bars and clubs shut and of course, social distancing in place, if you want to celebrate this year, you’ll be doing so on your own property with those you live with!
I’m going to look at ways we can celebrate England’s national day from the confines of our own homes and by utilising the technology most of us have at our fingertips.

A celebration for the digital age

We’ve never celebrated St George’s day like the Irish celebrate St Patrick’s. It’s probably not in our nature. People do get out and celebrate though, even if it’s not in the same number as the Irish. Anyone who has attended the annual event at Stone Cross in West Bromwich will know that. But if we wanted to up the ante and really get out for a celebration, this year certainly isn’t going to be the time to do it! There is something we can do though.

The idea behind a Digital St George’s Day is simple – utilising the technology we have at hand to bring people together in celebrating England’s national day. We may not be able to have a party in our local pubs and bars, but we can come together through social media, apps, video and music to celebrate. And just as people are raising a smile at the moment by placing rainbow pictures or cuddly toys in their windows for passing families to see, maybe there’s an activity we can put together for families to get involved in.

We can also support our local breweries by ordering celebration drinks direct from them, as many will deliver at the moment.

These are all ideas and I’ll be considering them over the coming days. I’m certainly not the first to consider pushing something digitally in these strangest of times. We are all being pushed to be creative in the ways we contact others.
Have an idea? Leave a comment.

PS – I’ve set a Facebook event up here. Join it!