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Hard times create strong people

We’ve never experienced anything quite like this. It’s bad in England. Worse in other places, on a global scale. But it’s important to remember that hard times create strong people. Remain optimistic, look for the silver lining to every cloud, including the one that is COVID-19.

Easier said than done? Maybe. People are losing their jobs. Family members are at risk and dying. The pubs are shut! But worse things have happened. We just haven’t lived through them. We haven’t had a disaster or a war for generations. Things were tough from time to time, sure. I’m relatively young, like many of you. I enjoyed the prosperity of the 90s and 2000s. The generations before mine, the baby boomers and, to a lightly lesser extent, Generation X had life good. So this is tougher than many of us have been through. But, it’s not that bad, if we can stay safe. Practice social distancing. Look out for one another. We can stop this. And we can emerge from this stronger.

We can build a better England and a better world when we reach the other side. But, the worst is still to come. All we can do for now is power through. At least we have our home comforts, right? I’d say, use this time wisely. Remember, social distancing and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Hard times create strong people.