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Top humane ways to remove spiders from your house

September and October in England are known for spiders moving indoors. Many of these spiders are quite large and you’ll usually see them late of an evening, when it’s quiet, darting across the living room floor. Most people don’t like them, let’s face it. But they do more good than harm, eating small insects, catching flies and the like. Still, this doesn’t mean you want to share your house with them. They are house spiders for a reason of course. If you’ve found this page in a search, finding ways to remove spiders may be just the thing that’s on your mind. 

As we get our fair share here at England Reborn towers and have looked into ways of removing spiders humanely (ie not hitting them with a slipper, sucking them into a vacuum cleaner or letting the cat eat them). And we’re going to share this spider catching wisdom with you here today!

Our Top 5 Ways to Catch a Spider

We’ve put together a top five, in no particular order. All of these work, most of them we’ve tried. Please note, if you’re not a fan of spiders, some of these methods include getting up close and personal. And there will be the odd image including a spider – you’ve been warned..

1. Spider Catcher by Katcha

You know the scenario. The spider is there, on your wall. You don’t want to get too close in case it flings itself off the wall and onto you, disappearing up a sleeve or worse..

The Spider Catcher by Katcha is a simple piece of kit that will keep you at arms length from our eight legged friend. Simply place the catcher tray over the spider, a quick swivel of the arm to change angle and the sliding door will close trapping the spider. The next bit is easy. Outside you go and release said multiple eyed hairy beast. Preferably away from the house..

The catcher comes in a couple of parts but is simple to assemble. When complete, the arm length is 40cm – far enough away from the spider with a bit of luck. Click the link to the left to buy the Katcha Spider Catcher from Amazon.

2. Cup and paper

Fully tried and tested. But with a couple of problems. If you’re not keen on spiders in  the first place, the thought of getting close enough to place a cup or glass over the spider might have already turned your stomach. Also, spiders have many eyes. They’ll see you coming. Cue funny scenario where you’re chasing a spider around your house. And yes, they are fast.

Positives? This method won’t cost you anything.

Pro tip – use a cardboard flyer or a coaster rather than a flimsy piece of paper to hold the spider captive until you get outdoors. Make sure the cup is the right way up with the ‘lid’ on top. Wouldn’t want the spider making an escape would you?

3. BugAway by Rainbow Cool Stuff

Now we’re entering the deluxe range. The BugAway will keep you a huge 73cm away from the spider (or mouse, newt, bug and so on – this device is marketed for catching a wide range of creatures) and operates by way of a handle that twists to trap the spider. The container is large enough to catch and contain the largest of.. um.. guests allowing you to remove spiders, whatever the size, with ease. Simply pop outside and release the spider when you’re ready.

Take note, this one does cost a little more but it may be worth it for the extra length and negating the risk of the spider escaping.

Click on the link to the left to purchase the BugAway through Amazon.

4. Spider Catcher by Brainstorm

Now this is a smart piece of kit. It comes with a 65cm arm – keeping you at a good distance. The Spider Catcher by Brainstorm operates by way of a trigger which, when pressed, brings a set of bristles – like those of a brush, together. The idea being that once you are in position, you place the bristle section over the spider and squeeze the trigger. This will allow you to pick up the spider and remove from your house.

Concerned that the spider will escape? Don’t be. The bristles effectively hold the spider until you release the trigger. OUTSIDE.

Lancashire based company, Brainstorm, are onto a winner with this one. Click the image to pick it up for £19.44 with free delivery.

5. Bug Buster Vacuum by Katcha

A different piece of technology this time and also from Katcha – a battery operated vacuum bug catcher coming in at 64cm long, the Bug Buster sucks up the spider allowing it to be released outdoors afterwards. So good is this that people reviewing have mentioned how they’ve used it to suck in wasps from mid air!

The Bug Buster also comes with a battery. The only complaint we’d have is that the suction isn’t always strong enough – you need to be right on top of the spider for it to work. But it’s more humane that the vacuum cleaner, right?

Click the image to the left to purchase the Bug Buster at £12.98 with free delivery.


Hopefully you now feel confident and you’re armed with the knowledge and equipment to rid your home of spiders and other creepy crawlies. Just try not to think about the reason these large spiders are indoors this time of year. Mating..

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